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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Our Weight Management Solutions in Dubai

AZHD's Weight Management Solutions is imperative that you “lose weight …the question is how”.

It is imperative that you “lose weight …the question is how”.
People have become more and more conscious of this health hazard and have taken various steps for life style modification to achieve their targets.
We at Al Zahra Hospital offer you the Wholesome program to incorporate all elements to reach the targets. Everyone may not be willing to undergo the knife and those who do. Need guidance as what lies beyond that .we tailor the program according to the individual needs with a single minded aim to achieve success &most importance compliance &satisfaction for our Patients.

What Is Special About Our Bariatric Surgery Program?

  • Multidisciplinary management of problems related with Obesity:Weight Management Solutions in Dubai

An obese patient who comes for surgery has various associated comorbidities. We do not just “cut and paste”. We are equipped with all specialty departments like cardiology, endocrinology, ENT, gastroenterology, orthopedics who evaluate and offer a comprehensive care for such a patient.

  • Pre and postoperative dietary guidance:

It is of immense importance for us and the patient to remain on our follow up and we monitor the weight loss regimen and the nutritional deficiencies and outcome which are an expected scenario in these patients. We do not expect our patient to present with a fracture hip after 2 years due to Vitamin D deficiency. We follow a protocol and perform regular tests as desired to detect the deficiencies at the earliest and replace the nutrients or vitamins as and when required.

  • Expertise and Experience:

We have one of the best and experienced surgeons and we provide the continuity of care with our team of dedicated surgeons. Our anesthesia team and ICU support compliments the surgeon to overcome difficult situations faced due to Obesity in patients undergoing surgery.

  • Post Bariatric body contouring:

Once the patient loses weight there is an increased demand of re-contouring to get the best results &body image. Our plastic surgeons are specially trained in this field &work in combination to provide best result for your looks &health.

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