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Cancer & Oncology
Cancer & Oncology

Cancer & Oncology

AZHD's world-class experts work together, across disciplines, to provide you with whole personalized care that meets your exact needs:

Specialized Center Services:

  • Neoadjuvant and post-operative chemo/ radiation therapy protocols

Surgical Oncology Subspecialties: (Click here for full details)

  • Diagnosis and treatment of all cancer types in different subspecialties.
  • Cancer screening, including Breast, Colon, Cervical, Lung and Head & Neck malignancies.
  • Neoadjuvant and Post-Operative chemo/ radiation therapy protocols application after multidisciplinary tumor board evaluation and discussion.
  • Sarcoma & Melanoma: Active management of all skin and soft tissues malignancies including Sarcoma and melanoma with reconstruction and different modalities of lymph node dissections
  • Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Heated Chemo perfusion (HIPC): for peritoneal surface malignancies, mesothelioma and metastatic tumors including gastrointestinal and ovarian origins - In Progress.
  • Liver Surgical Oncology: Both laparoscopic and radiology directed radiofrequency and microwave liver ablation  for benign and malignant tumors with all modalities of localization and intervention:
  • Neuro Surgical Oncology:  All types of neurological tumor (Benign & Malignant) of the brain and spinal cord in addition to peripheral tumors.
  • Urological Surgical Oncology: Different types of all urogenital system tumors ( Benign & malignant) with all supportive modalities of chemo and radiation.
  • Surgical Oncology Supporting Services:
    • Gastroenterlogical Oncology: Having  Endoscopic intervention with stents for GI stenosis, Percutanous gastrostomy tubing, , ERCP tissue sampling and stents for pancreatic and biliary malignancies and Heat probe application for bleeding tumors
    • Interventional Radiology: Having different modalities of interventional tissue sampling and biopsies, Embolization using different chemicals for both bleeding and cancer therapy and Radiofrequency ablation
    • Palliative Care & Pain Management: For cancer pain and supportive therapy
    • Nutritional Support including Enteral, Parenteral ( TPN) and Peripheral Vascular  Nutrition (PVN)

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